meet the team. . .

Mrs Heather Holt


Heather has been dancing for 30 years since the age of 2, and her career started with ballet and Tap. At age 7 she started gymnastics but her passion was always dance. At the age of 10 she was put forward for an audition at the Royal Ballet School by her teacher, after which she decided to step away from her roots of ballet and tap and explore other styles. She began Freestyle, Rock & Roll, Street and Latin American and has been the IDTA North West Champ in Rock & Roll and Freestyle Pairs and National Champ in Rock & Roll. She has also completed all of the IDTA examinations in Freestyle Solo, Freestyle Pairs, Rock & Roll and Latin American.


She started to help out at her dance school and decided she would

like to go into teaching. She is now working towards her IDTA Teacher Qualification whilst being part of the Pure Dance Team:

"I'm soo happy I got the opportunity to join Pure Dance, I love it!"


Heather is also passionate about health and fitness and loves helping others to change their lifestyle for the better.


After completing the Insanity Workout 60 day challenge last year, she instantly loved it. The Instructor course came to the UK in April 2014 and Heather became a fully qualified Instructor. She is also a qualified Zumba Instructor and is currently working toeards becoming a Personal Trainer.